Thinksurance for banks & savings banks

The Advisory Suite secures your access to a clearly structured and fully digital process for advising commercial and industrial insurance companies. Holistically advised corporate clients and attractive recurring commission potential are guaranteed.
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Bancassurance with corporate clients—potential for your commission business

umbrella Product range

Ideal insurance coverage for your corporate clients

Use the products of your network partner or get access to additional insurers of your choice. Our intelligent needs analysis, which is tailored to every type of business, assists you in choosing the right insurance product for your clients.
connect Client loyalty

The best service for your clients—for simple and complex risks

With the Advisory Suite and the digitally available risk analysis in line with DIN 77235, you advise your commercial clients on essential business questions and offer them a completely new customer experience in a familiar environment. No matter how complex your clients’ risks are—you become your clients’ risk manager.
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Your clients, your design, your workflow—we adapt

Remain in the familiar environment of your bank or savings bank and communicate with insurers, company specialists, back office and bank advisors centrally via our platform. Our interface ensures a smooth exchange of client and contractual data, so that you can keep an eye on all processes and operations.
service-desk Service

We support you in your commercial and industrial business

Whether during onboarding, while choosing the appropriate type of business or queries about the preparation of the quotation: if desired, our experts are on hand to assist you in the implementation and use of our applications, as well as while underwriting complex risks. Our artificial intelligence and defined service levels guarantee a quick and precise process that is tailored to your clients.

What our partners say about us

“It is important for savings banks to be able to offer a one-stop shop for all insurance solutions for their corporate customers – including valve business. Together with Thinksurance, we can now offer the cooperating savings banks an efficient and powerful tender platform in the valve business.”
Harald Huber, Managing Director
“As a pool, we work with numerous savings banks and credit unions in the area of insurance. With our partners Thinksurance and Weiss EDV, we offer customized services for the growth of commercial customers. Lean consulting and closing processes that can be integrated into the EDP of financial institutions and, in addition, a comprehensive range of specialist support are particular highlights in the industry.”
Klaus Tisson, Managing Director
“Thinksurance is the leading provider of insurance advice to corporate clients and our first choice as a partner in the field. Together with PowerWeiss, banks can increase their commissions in the shortest possible time – and demonstrably so.”
Martin Lauble, Managing Director
Weiss EDV