Tech Cluster

Unique data combined with state-of-the-art technology

We make data from commercial and industrial insurance usable so that the entire sector benefits.

Data Lake Superior®

Tailor-made architecture
Our unique big data architecture combines the latest applications of the Hadoop cluster with AWS Cloud Services. This is how our data lake is created. It allows us to flexibly expand the big data architecture and develop scalable solutions for our data organization.
Extensive data flow
In our data lake, we bring together more than 2,000 data protection-compliant flows of information during each individual interaction with the platform—without being able to draw conclusions about customer or rate data. What do we mean by interactions? Every risk assessment, every rate selection and every integrated rate.
Proprietary analyses
Whether python, flask or spark: we analyze the data using state-of-the-art data science methods. Data Dashboards provide unique insights for optimizing sales and operational processes as well as product development.

AI Tech Majeure®

Making better decisions with the help of artificial intelligence

The tech cluster uses a proprietary AI that learns continuously. We use it to make predictions and recommendations. We also know which insurer should be considered for which tender or which insured sum is recommended.

Artificial intelligence supports

Needs analysis and risk analysis
Based on past broker decisions and with the help of our AI, we forecast what trade insurance cover a company needs—with a hit rate of 80%. Thanks to ongoing data analysis, we are able to draw up a comprehensive industry comparison of material risks
Quick and simple—that’s the tender process at Thinksurance. To ensure that this remains the case, our AI is constantly learning from the previous decisions of all brokers who provide better advice with the Advisory Suite. The analyzed data enables us to target the tender process and forecast underwriting decisions before they are made.
Rate calculator
See exactly what matters by choosing the best rate: our self-learning algorithms provide a comprehensive rate comparison based on broker decisions that have already been made.

API InsurConnect®

Advisory API
With our interface, brokers integrate all modules and services of the Advisory Suite into their portfolio systems, such as their own broker management program. This ensures automatic data exchange and data synchronization.
Coverage API
The Coverage Suite integrates insurers’ rates via an interface so that they are accessible to intermediaries. This enables the automatic processing of tenders and a direct exchange between insurer and intermediary.
“Tech Majeure” API
Our suites are based on the analyses of the Tech Cluster. This makes for an intelligent system. The respective interfaces to our AI ensure a continuous flow of data. The advantages of this—predictions, recommendations or portfolio evaluations—can be used by brokers and insurers independently of Coverage and Advisory Suite.
Data Lake “Superior” API
Via an interface, all of our market analyses are available to our partners from a single source. On this basis, advice and products can be optimized. Everyone benefits from this: brokers, insurers and customers.

Our Tech Stack